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KCB Solutions KCB Solutions supplies RF and microwave surface mount components for high reliability/high performance applications within the Avionics, Satellite and Defense industry. KCB Solutions Official Website
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KCB Solutions, RF Switches

RF Switches
  KCB personnel have extensive experience in RF and Microwave circuit and package design, manufacturing and testing applicable to MIL-PRF-19500, MIL-PRF-38535 and MIL-PRF-38534 standards. The KCB Quality System has been put in place specifically to support the Hi-Reliability space and military marketplace.
  Product / Package Design Product Manufacturing Device Testing/Screening
  • Single function to integrated multifunction modules
  • Surface mount LCC packages from DC-20 GHz
  • HTCC single and multi-layer with hermetic option
  • Offering build and test to print services
  • Capabilities include
    Microelectronic assembly, hermetic seal, RF and Microwave testing, Program Management, and Materials Control
  • Fully programmable test software with statistical analysis
  • Temperatures from -55 to 125°C.
  • Custom test fixtures provided
  • Small and Large signal RF from DC to 20 GHz as well as full DC parametric characterization
  Device Obsolescense Solutions Request More Information
  • KCB Solutions can offer packaging and testing solutions for products that have been made obsolete, as long as die can still be obtained or wafers can be stockpiled from a last-time buy.

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